Niwa Grow hub grow

Just wanted to share my first hub grow. I’ll be incorporating an air conditioner next go.


Thank you. Some airy and most a little denser. My first non grobo grow. :100: % better. Upwards and onwards. :sunglasses::seedling:

Thanks for sharing @Rfontenot5!! Very nice grow.

A word of caution, :slight_smile: please remember you cannot plug an A/C machine stright to the Grow Hub, just a trigger. If you need more info, please email

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Lol. I get like this too sometimes.

A 14 gauge or even better, a 12 gauge extension cord is all he needed to make this work. 1 extension cable wire should connect to the top left post on the solid state relay, the top right wire should complete the AC circuit on to the bare outlet.

5volt DC transformer plug from Niwa goes to bottom of your new SS Relay, (watch polarity for this one) the top left will be wired to the black line stripped off the end of the fat extension cord, when you wire from the top right terminal, you are essentially bringing the hot live wire back to your little outlet to complete the circuit. But only when Niwa lights up that 5v power supply.