New CO2 Sensor BETA Capabilities

Well… I just jumped the gun and ordered the Co2 sensor and am now wondering how it will work upon your BETA release firmware?.

From what I understand, it will work like the Titan Controls or Autopilot Co2 Controllers to control a valve depending target Co2 ppm.

  • The reason I purchased it was to see how much CO2 my little gals are getting
    so I know how often I need to replace the air in my little stealth grow box.

EXAMPLE 1: When below 200ppm, NIWA turns on the intake fan to refill a super tiny 50 Cubic Feet (3x2x8ft) Grow Box with Co2 fresh air until room reads 400+ppm.

EXAMPLE 1A : NIWA turns on intake fan for x seconds to refill a super tiny little 50 Cubic Feet Grow Box with Co2 when it gets below 200ppm.

Hello @Williamgrow yes, that is correct, but the Co2 injection won’t be controlled by time, following your example, if you set a 200ppm target; if CO2 level goes below 200ppm, the Hub will activate the CO2 outlet so the CO2 valve will open, once the CO2 level reaches 200ppm the CO2 outlet will be deactivated.

I see where you are going with this…

So If I am monitoring CO2 in my little sealed stealth box, my intake fan is what brings back in the minimum CO2, then I would just label my intake fan as a CO2 Injector and set a minimum CO2 level in the settings once you guys release them.

Sneaky. What ever works, right?

I think it could work, but that fan will only trigger when CO2 is low.