Need Recipe Help

I am newn so am probably making some rookie mistake. Context:
4x4 tent, vivosun vs4000 led light, 360 cfm inline fan, and a humidifier (so 3 devices plugged into the niwa grow hub)
Note: in a basement in Georgia, with a normal humidity around 45%, and temp is fine (around 75 degrees).

The controller seems to manage the fan to maintain a humidity, along with the humidifier, but I can’t get the fan running in the evening (dark) period.

Also, it seems to just kick the fan on for a few minutes at a time. Is this the normal behavior?

I would love some help on optimizing and setting up my recipe! We are at week one of seedling stage. How do I get some expert advise?

Thanks TerpToStun! I really need to integrate the FAN, because the humidity in my basement is 45%, and I want to keep the humidity up to the right level for the girls in the tent. It SEEMS like the Niwa DOES control the fan, but not in the evening, so last night, it got up to 79%, which will create mold over time. if I had the inline fan running all the time, the humidity would get too low, pulling in the air from the basement.

I have the Vivosun inline filter -

the controller is just a manual knob, pulling the speed down maybe 50%.

I think I just don’t have my recipe setup correctly…


Hey @BarryKaufman please reach out to so we can have a look to your device!