Issues since our last app update Jan 12 2022

Please send all questions about troubleshooting and solutions! We are here to help one another. Dear Niwa community,

Some of our fellow community members have detected some issues while trying to manage recipes since our last app update.

First, we are very sorry about any inconveniences you might be experiencing. These seem to be related to difficulties when updating the recipe and problems when accessing the recipes catalog. Everything else has not been affected and the Grow Hub will keep running the loaded recipe as usual, and you will be able to monitor your device.

We are always trying to offer as many updates and new features as possible for you and we test all new releases internally thoughtfully before releasing them, sometimes for weeks, and unfortunately, situations like this still happens.

Our first action is rolling back the app to the previous version (already available in Android Playstore and waiting for Apple to release it to App Store) so your phone will automatically update it to 1.9.25 (if you have automatic updates enabled). Once updated, you won’t be able to edit live recipes.

We are working now on the live recipe edit’s version issues, and once they are solved and tested again we will re-release this feature.

We hope you can understand, and again we are sorry about the inconveniences.

Furthermore, we wanted to thank our community members as well for finding the issue and sharing all the details about it, so we can solve it.

Please stay tuned, for we will keep you posted here.



Working well here, I have tweaked mu recipe a couple of times now for changes in atmospheric conditions.

Thanks for the feedback Rowan_George, it seems to be affecting certain devices and OS only. We keep working on it.

Just to keep everyone posted we are making progress on a new version with live recipe’s editing, in the meantime the previous version is on the stores, (just awaiting iOS version approval from Apple) we will try to get it ready as soon as possible.

Previous app version (while we fix the new one) is already available in Apple App Store (and Google Play Store as well)

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How do you download previous version in Apple App Store? It seems like you can only download the latest versions from the apps store.

Really need my recipes back like now… :confused:

Update: I can’t even log into the app any longer. Absolutely no access to my Niwa Grow Hub.

iPhone 12 - 15.2.1OS

So frustrated.

In the future on new update releases, you should leave the existing version in the App Store incase we need to hop back.

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I am a brand new user, just downloaded the app and have been having troubles getting registered and logged in. The app just spins and doesn’t do anything after when I try to register. I managed to get it to work once but now I can’t get signed in. I keep getting emails about a code but I am never prompted to enter a code. I just ordered the Niwa and wanted to check out the app but am afraid I wont be able to use it when it gets here. Android 12.

Hey Niwa family!

I know you guys are working hard and trying to address all the issues etc and I understand login yesterday was an issue as I experienced it myself. It seems that issue has happened again. I’m logged in this time but no data has populated on the app. I’m not overly worried as I know you’re trying your best to get this sorted ASAP.

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Definitely feeling slighted. Purchased last week and the app feels like the buggiest thing on the planet (when I can log in) and have issues with 3 plugs randomly deciding to stop functioning after two days, like completely, won’t charge a phone, and nowhere near the current capacity. I don’t know…

Hello, this is not related to our last app update, we are working on this right now, and we will keep this post updated.

Again, we are sorry about it.

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Update: it’s working! I can now log in and see recipes again on iPhone 12 and latest app. Thanks NiWa. That was a close call. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bispese,

This has been a server error, we are still working on it, it could happen again. This was not related to the new app update as we thought in the beginning, also, there is no way to have multiple versions of the app in the Store.

Please stay tuned about this in this thread.

I’m sorry about the inconveniences.

Appreciate the follow up. Can’t sign in again as of 7pm CST today. I know you and the team are on it though. Many thanks.

Yes Bispese, we have detected new issues, you won’t be able to access the app while we are working on the servers side. Please stay tuned on this post.