Idea dump after a couple months of use

  1. I’d like to see a data export function for growers who want to keep more than a month of data, or want to view data on more than just a tiny phone screen. A .csv export would be awesome.
  2. This is probably more complicated to code, but being able to set outlets to override other outlets would be great. Eg. I have a humidifier and outlet fan in my small grow space. My fan only runs for a minute at a time, so it doesn’t make much sense to run the humidifier while the fan is on.
  3. This is on the top of my wishlist. I’d love to view the average runtimes of my equipment (or more like a moving average). Like if my fan usually runs for a minute or two at a time, but now it’s been running for 10 minutes at a time, I know there’s something wrong with airflow in my grow space. This could also be used to notify about an empty humidifier or full dehumidifier.
    And yeah, I could imagine this being a drain on database resources… so this one is more an idea for when you guys get rich and scale up =)
  4. is one of the few things about my Niwa that just kind of bothers me. You really should be able to either choose a grow phase before you click “Let’s Get Growing”, or be able to adjust variables while a recipe is running. My first phase is a 24/0 light cycle, so any time I want to adjust my recipe at all, it’s definitely going to blast my plants with light when I start the recipe again. Maybe not a huge deal for just a few seconds of light, but its just annoying for somebody who’s super conscious of light leaks in general.

Either way, loving the hub so far. Keep up the good work!


Just saw the .csv idea has been suggested already. You can ignore that one lol

Oh another idea I used for my own controller I’m building was a config option page. This tab on the app would have options for the built-in variables your program uses. For example, the Niwa lets humidity drop 5% below your target RH and allows it to go 1% above the target RH. It lets temperature rise one degree before turning on the fan, then shuts it off exactly at the target temp. So those 4 variables are probably 5, -1, 1, 0 or something like that. I’d like to be able to change these trigger points. I’d understand if you had to limit this function though, as I get why you wouldnt want to let somebody flip a relay 10000 times a day and possibly ruin a relay in no time.

Hi ibieiniid,

Thank you so much for your extensive feedback, it’s really valuable for us!

1.- Is on the pipeline
2.- I see the need, and we thought about it, the problem is the number of different possible scenarios (we can control up to 5 different climate control devices, and every user has different setups) and the compatibility issues between these. That could result in an unstable behavior.
3.- It’s a great idea and doable, we need to think about how to display that information without overwhelming the users. Noted!
4.- Yes, I feel the pain as you are not the first one, this is on the pipeline as well.
5.- Yes, we have implemented “dead zones” to protect the climate control devices and associated relays, if there is demand enough for this feature, it could be implanted in the future.

Keep in touch!!

I second #5, my fan is used for temperature control…seems to cycle a lot!.. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wanted to bump #3, this would be a great feature. Maybe it could be displayed at the bottom of the stats page, and simply show % runtime of each outlet for the displayed data range as a starting point? That way the user could easily crop their data range to create the kind of “moving average” ibieniid is looking for.


The Niwa grow hub has been a game changer for me. If possible, I would love to see #3 and #5 implemented to make the grow hub even better. If we were able to see the avg. run time of each piece of equipment, that would be a big help. Also, to be able to adjust the temp/humidity variables to be closer to the targets, that would be huge. I get big swings in temp/humidity due to this a lot of times. Also, I know others have mentioned this in the past, but to be able to view the current recipe you are running on the dashboard without having to go the recipe area and find it under your specific stage.


A simple manual override (on/off) would be nice.

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