Growing (Niwa One Greenhouse)

Safety Awareness

  • Do not operate the unit without the LED installed, open connections are dangerous!
  • Your Niwa One has a heating system in the growing bed, in red, and depending on the settings and plant needs the heater will be connected in order to control the growing chamber temperature. Please Note: the heater gets hot, so please do not touch it when plugged in.
  • Do not use metallic or sharp tools in Niwa. Be very careful to avoid damaging the heating system or any cables.
  • If you see any cables or any piece of rubber protection in the heating system damaged, disconnect your Niwa One from the power outlet immediately and contact
  • Niwa One is not to be used by children unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

General Maintenance

  • Disconnect your Niwa from power before removing the water reservoir and disconnect the pump when you’re cleaning your reservoir.
  • Don’t expose your Niwa system to excessive moisture, dust, heat, liquid, or naked flame.
  • Only use the Niwa for plants, no animals, or other items. It will not work as an incubator for animals.
  • Do not cover the vents (on the top piece) of your Niwa. It can risk causing a fire.
  • When storing or shipping the Niwa Unit; drain all water from the reservoir, clean the grow chamber, and remove all plant material. Stagnant water or dried-out plans will damage the system or cause mildew.
  • Clean your produce. It is recommended to clean your produce grown in Niwa prior to consumption.
  • Don’t drop, hit, shake, or tumble your Niwa One.