Grow hub is setup can I do 2 devices on one outlet?

So I bought this growhub to control my 5x10 tent . I have it hooked up and connected and was able to get some data last night . Here is my feedback -

First thing is please get rid of the bright led it even shines through the grow hub when you tape it off . I’ll have to make some type of sleeve to block the light for my ladies .

Next there should a setting to control 2 lights if not exceeding the recommended input . I will now have to buy an additional light controller for the grow hub to trigger that I didn’t expect to have to buy .

I want to run 2 oscillating fans constantly on and one exhaust fan to kick on when temps get to high and to cycle my exhaust fan every 2 times a hr is this even possible ?

Can I use socket adapter plug for my 2 fans they are very light amps only .5 each on one of the grow hub outlets ?