Fan Trigger For Humidity or Temp

Hey Y’all. Just curious if NIWA now has capabilities to use the FAN (exhaust) channel as a trigger to turn on when I hit a certain Humidity or Temp. I want to trigger it to turn on above 60% humidity while drying.

I stopped using my NIWA since switching to AC since their controller does this basic need and function.

However now I have an extra tent and I’m short and AC controller so I need to use my NIWA again and was wondering if this fan trigger is now an option.

I know this has been a hot topic for years since the NIWA launched.

Running the fan a certain amount of minutes per hour does nothing for me.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am on the app now but not seeing trigger options :frowning: I really don’t want to have to buy another AC controller…

Hello @Bispese the Niwa will automatically trigger the fan if the Humidity or temp is higher than the target set on the recipe. Unless you fit a dehumidifier or Air Conditioning machine, if that’s the case the dehumidifier or Air Conditioning will be triggered

Dude this is great!

Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering why my fan was on when I only had it set to run 10 mins per hour. It must have been triggering.

Good to know. Maybe toss some text in the fan settings saying it will auto trigger to temps and humidity. I had no idea! Thanks!

No problem @Bispese if you need anything else please reach out to !