DIY plug and play trigger for AC heater dehu

Hello growers just completed building my first plug and play triggering device for ACs dehumidifier and heaters that draw high amperage. Very simple to use just plug and play. Considering building more if anyone is interested.



It’s looking great, I’m sure this will be helpful for everyone!

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Fancy. Nice job. I left my trigger out of a box because of heat. But I never seen this kind. Great job. I’m sure the community will appreciate it. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! I see you used a solid state relay. They work great but unfortunately do produce heat and require heat sink. I used a contactor which you find in air conditioners to turn your compressor on and off. I used a contactor with a 120 volt coil. They are very reliable for many years, simple and inexpensive. Im an HVAC technician, so I also had one in my truck, no brainer for me. May your harvest be bountiful :v:


Its a very simple device I sourced all the materials at my local home Depot with the exception of the contactor. Contactor can be purchased on Amazon. But you do need to have to strip and crimp electrical terminals and drill holes. If you don’t already own some of the tools and materials needed, it can quickly add up an no longer be cost effective. Happy to help if its needed in future. Happy growing :v:

That’s really cool! Don’t need one at the moment but if that changes I’ll be in touch. Thanks for offering this to the community!

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Nice work! :metal:t2:

I’ve got a spare contactor on the shelf too…good idea, @420grower !

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KootMed made a great Youtube video on a DIY hack for power hungry devices. Check it out: Total Environmental Control - DIY NIWA Environmental Control Hack - YouTube

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