Compatible pieces of equipment for the Niwa Grow Hub

We would like to hear from our fellow growers on the different pieces of equipment they’ve been working with so all of our new and existing growers can learn how to maximize their Niwa Grow Hub and pieces of equipment that have given them the best chances for a great harvest! We still recommend, if any piece of equipment is questionable, please send a message to or post something on this thread.

The equipment that has worked well for me so far is:

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I only run lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and water pumps through my Niwas. I have 4 Niwas in 4 different tents (1) 5x5, (2) 2x4, (1) 2x2. The biggest light I have is a Mars Hydro FC4800, though I have run this in parallel with a Grow Light Science 300 (used a pigtail splitter so I could connect both lights to the same outlet.) The rest of the equipment is small and compact, I need space as I tend to max out the smaller tents and have no room for large humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

I like the LevoAir small 68oz dehumidifier for the tents. I run two of these up high in the 2x4 tents when I’m running co2. They don’t keep the humidity below 60, but they do a good job of pulling out some of the humidity during the day and then when the CO2 is off at night, they bring the humidity down below 60 and keep it there all night. Without CO2 I run one of these units in the tents, they work good enough to keep the humidity at or below 60 throughout the day and in the 50’s at night. At night, they can take the humidity down in to the 40’s if the Niwa isn’t controlling them. I run a piece of 3/8’s tubing from each humidifiers trey down to a 1 gallon bottle to collect the condensation.

Humidifier wise I like the Ideal Air 75pint, but it’s takes a bit of room and needs a feed for water. I like the Honeywell HCM-710. It works well except it has to be manually filled but I don’t need humidity often, only for drying and for seedlings.

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I have a 6x6x8 storage room off my back patio. I insulated all the walls, roof, and door with 2” r-tech insulation.

I have a 4x4 grassroots living soil bed in the black overflow tray on 6- 4’ 2x4s nailed together as a platform on top of casters to roll side to side.

My niwa controls my GE 5000 btu window unit. It has a custom duct reducer that blows all the air into 6” insulated ducting that blows directly into the room through the door. That is controlled by a 120v wired autopilot controller. Triggered by the niwa.

It controls my basic Amazon $35 humidifier right now. Just haven’t set up the 75pt Ideal Air humidifier, yet. Been a ton of projects to get where we are.

It also controls my 220v HLG 600 rspec. That too is run through a trigger controlled autopilot this one just wired 220v.

I have 2 6” fans on my pvc trellis frame always on directly powered.

I have a AC Infinity 8” exhaust as well. Controlled by its controller. Since setting up the A/C this past weekend that hasn’t been running much. It was running on high temp, now set that to high % as well to keep those night humidity swings down. Need to work on this.

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Right now I’ve got a Honeywell HUL535W humidifer, Frigidaire FFAD5000T10 dehumidifier, and a Viparspectra P600 LED grow light run by my Niwa. No problems at all.

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Hello and afternoon, My names John/ HempWithGG

I have found that the dehumidifier link listed below from Amazon, Will work on a controller if you turn the unit to its lowest humidity settings , if it loses power and is reconnected to power it will continue without any user input.

Meaning a contoler would work with thus unit I’ve tested this Theory also by plugging it into the wall . Then setting to lowest setting and physically unplugging the unit waiting 60 sec and plugging it back in the unit fires back up with out having to click any buttons.

Hope this helps .

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I have found the following dehumidifier works well and retains its setting during power off periods:

Frigidaire Model FFAD5033W1 50 pints/day
545 watts @ 120-110v = 4.54 - 4.95 amps (respectively)

The above does not include the initial power surge upon startup.
Which is why I do not plug the dehumidifier directly into the NIWA. Instead use an SSR (Solid State Relay) to supply power to the unit as explained by KootMed in his YouTube video: Total Environmental Control - DIY NIWA Environmental Control Hack - YouTube

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Here’s another that works with Niwa. This dehumidifier returns to the last state prior to power cut, and has a drain port.
I have not tried all the functions, but “dehumid”, and high/low fan controls work.

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I have this controller, well 2 of them. One for my 220v light and one for my AC.

My ac plugs into this box. Then the niwa sends signal through the trigger cable and it powers on my device. The controller is also wired directly to its own 120v plug so its not effected by the amp draw elsewhere.


Awesome. I totally get it now after a little research :face_with_monocle:. I bet you have a nice set up. Thank you for your helpful feedback

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