App Sign In issue

Is anyone else having the issue of the Niwa app kicking them off and locking them out? Ive updated my password 4 times and and it keeps telling me invalid username or password. I MAY get it wrong once, but not 4 times in a row after changing the password. This is about the 3rd time this has happened this month. I end up waiting a few hours and then i am able to sign in. Anyone else have this issue?

Hello BStartGrow,

Thanks! Yes, we were aware and, we’ve been working all night, and our fixes are 70% implemented, there will be a new app version rolling out next week, including the live recipe edits (currently disabled)

Please, take into account that if this ever happens again, your Niwa will keep running your recipe as usual, and it will keep getting data logs as well. Far from ideal, but it should not disturb your crop.

I’m very sorry about the inconvenience.