App not remembering login/password on iphone

The first week I was using the NIWA it remembered my login/password or didn’t log me out and therefore I didn’t have to sign in every time I opened the app. A few days ago something changed and now I have to log back in nearly every time I look at the app…Even if I keep the app open and don’t close it. It doesn’t happen every time… Just most of the time. Quite randomly as far as I can tell. I’m constantly checking the app at the moment, as I get my some new equipment and settings dialed in, therefore it’s pretty anoyying to have to enter my login info every time I check the app. I am on an iphone SE 2nd gen. Curious if anyone else has this issue and if there’s a fix?

Hello Jcubarnold,

We’re sorry about that, it shouldn’t be that way. Can you please email with your log in email and iOS version, so we can check in our end?